22 May 15 – Working Bee Sunday 24/5/15

Hello everybody,

We will not be holding a working this Sunday.

Our main focus at the moment is with engineering the compressed earth brick machine, it is quite a large complex project and is requiring our full attention. We will take some photos of the progress and post them on Facebook.

We are also planing the pond, pond fencing and looking at extending the garden areas in the coming months.

Warm Regards
USG Committee

8 May 15 – UCG Working Bee 10/5/2015

Hello everybody,

This Sunday we will again attempt to winnow and process all the seed we collected. (last working bee was too cold and windy)

We will meet at the UCG site at 10am, collect some more seeds and head on up to The Little Ladybird Nursery to do the winnowing on there machine.

Kind Regards
UCG committee

23 Apr 15 – UCG Working bee this Sunday 26/4/2015

Hello everybody,

This Sunday we will be collecting seeds from the gardens at the UCG site. We will then head to The Little Ladybird Nursery to winnow all the seeds we collected at the last working bee, and prepare them for storage.

Just a quick note, we are regularly updating the notice board at the UCG site with working bee dates and details.

Warm regards
Uralla Community Garden committee.

8 Apr 15 – Working Bee 12/4/2015

Hello everyone,
This Sundays working bee we have a couple of exciting things in-store,
Firstly, there is quite a-lot of mature seeds in the garden that we want to collect and save. We intend to create what is called a good bug mix or shot-gun seed mix. We will create packets of seed to supply other gardeners.
I (Darren) have been saving seeds professionally for the past five years , so if you have any questions on how to save your favorite varieties year in and year out this will be a great opportunity to do so. Continue reading “8 Apr 15 – Working Bee 12/4/2015”