The benefit of bees, and how to attract them to your garden


It is well-known that having bees active in your garden vastly improves yield in the vegetable bed and improves the quantity and quality of flowers in the flower beds.

They are the main pollinators of the nature world.

Imagine having to go out into your garden with a fine paintbrush and distribute pollen from male flowers onto the stamens of female flowers, every flower individually!

Thankfully, Nature has bees for that.

Sadly, there has been a decline of bee numbers world-wide – particularly in Europe but here in Australia there has also been some reduction in bee numbers.

So it makes sense that we try to look after the bees and attract them to our garden. Good for our gardens and good for the bees.

I received the following tips about bees from Veronica. She says:

“I found this list of herbs  really nice in my own garden. I had no idea bees like rosemary which is great since I absolutely love having fresh rosemary for dishes”.



Veronica also send me the following infographic about bees which includes a list of native plants, these will also attract Australian native bees.


“I also really like these  infographics   my friend found, the tips like a stone filled bowl have been helpful. I no longer find bees trying to sip from my cat’s bowl (which is very good since she loves to swat at them, and yikes!). Also, the infographic at the very bottom is a list of native plants, which to my understanding is a better choice for gardens so I’ve been focusing on them as much as I can.”