Quiet time in the Garden

Things have been quiet in the garden, as the cold weather slows things down a little.

With the help of a couple of volunteers, weeding and other maintenance jobs are being done.

The broccoli has now finished, but there are still around half a dozen cabbages to harvest. There has been a steady supply of fresh cabbages, broccoli, rocket and a bit of silverbeet going to the Uralla Neighbourhood Food Pantry, and the ladies there tell me that people are delighted with the gifts of fresh produce. Continue reading “Quiet time in the Garden”

Sharing the jobs

As there are now a couple of people who are keen to do some work in the Community Garden but are each able to work on different days only, there is now a new system.

On the Wednesday morning when I am down there to do a few little jobs, I also assess what jobs need to be done during the coming week. I write these jobs up on the blackboard at the front of the garden, and anyone who is there to do some work through the week can choose to do those jobs. Continue reading “Sharing the jobs”

The benefit of bees, and how to attract them to your garden


It is well-known that having bees active in your garden vastly improves yield in the vegetable bed and improves the quantity and quality of flowers in the flower beds.

They are the main pollinators of the nature world.

Imagine having to go out into your garden with a fine paintbrush and distribute pollen from male flowers onto the stamens of female flowers, every flower individually! Continue reading “The benefit of bees, and how to attract them to your garden”