Progress of the brassicas

Another day of activity in the garden this last Wednesday. The broccoli and cabbage seedlings we planted 4 weeks ago are doing really well. They have grown to strong healthy plants around 30cm tall, and the cabbages are just starting to turn in their central leaves to form the cabbage head.

There has been no nibbling at all, either by rabbits or by other little creatures, and every seedling we planted is thriving.

We are preparing to create a second section of rabbit-proof bed, and will then plant some more cabbages and also some brussels sprouts.

I gathered an unexpected harvest this week. As there are Kale plants everywhere in the garden from self-sown seedlings, I had to remove some of the plants so that we could dig the trench for the second rabbit-proof area. These young kale plants are already around 40cm tall, and the leaves are very tender and sweet when the plants are still young. So, waste not want not, we bundled them into a tub with a little water in the bottom. I also found some yellow zucchinis ready for picking, and some radishes growing; both self seeded from previous years’ planting, so they and the kale all went to the Neighbourhood Centre Pantry for distribution to the community.

It is a good feeling when the work we love to do produces something that can help people who need a little support.