Preparing the winter planting bed

After an absence of more than a year from the Uralla Community Garden, I have once again become an active volunteer, and yesterday was my first day back at the site.

Much has happened since I last posted on this website; the management of the Garden is now in the hands of the Uralla Neighborhood Centre as all except one of the original committee (yours truly) has either left the area or become committed to other time-consuming activities. I myself was away for over a year, moving to Melbourne temporarily for family matters. I am now back in Uralla, and delighted to be able to take an active part in the Community Garden once again, although not as a committee member.

The main purpose of the garden now is to be a source of produce for the Uralla Neighborhood Centre Food Pantry, which supplies fresh produce and staple food items to members of the community who are in need of a bit of help. It is also a place for volunteers of various backgrounds to fulfil their commitments or simply their desires to be involved in this wonderful activity. A place where anyone, no matter their background or circumstance, can be part of a useful and productive venture.

So yesterday a keen volunteer and myself prepared a 24square metre area of the productive bed for the planting of Broccoli and Cabbage. As the problem with rabbits is an ongoing one in that section of Uralla, we constructed a rabbit-proof barrier from shadecloth, burying it about 25cm into the ground, and covering it with straw that has been used for the sheep-yards at the Showgrounds. While it is true that the barrier could probably be breached quite easily by very determined rabbits, we are hoping that it is enough of a deterrent for them to go for more easily available food on the site, of which there is plenty. There are free-range kale seedlings popping up all over the site.

Next week we will be planting Broccoli and Cabbage seedlings, and we will follow this with two further plantings about 2-3 weeks apart, so that there will be a constant supply of these delicious and nutritious vegetables for a good period over winter/early spring.

The photos here also show, in the background, the progress that the fruit trees and other trees planted some years ago, have made.