A Day of brightness

A Day of Brightness.

After some dark and rainy days, the day of our last working bee was fine and sunny.

There were a few jobs to be done; some more seed processing, and also a touch-up of the painting on the Community Garden signboard.

When we first built the signboard, and applied the pre-painted letters spelling out “Uralla Community Garden”, the backing-board was quite a pale colour, and the dark-blue colour of the letters looked great and they stood out really well. But over time the backing-board weathered and became quite dark in colour, and this made the dark-blue letters much harder to see.

We made the decision to go over the face of the letters in a much lighter blue, and today the weather was just right for tackling that task.

The difference this has made is very noticeable; there is a new brightness to the sign -the letters are actually visible from quite a distance.

There were also little spots of brightness visible on the ground. We did a bit of a walk around the beds, and in many places there were little spots of bright green on the dark earth, new growth beginning to emerge, even though we are still in the middle of winter. There were little lettuces, parsley and radish plants popping up, and some of the plants in the fertility bed are naturally re-emerging.

And the little red currant shrubs have little bits of new green growth on them as well.

It was lovely to see the promise of a bright new spring already showing so early in the season.