An Enjoyable Day in the Sun

An Enjoyable Day in the Sun.

It has been sometime since we last posted an article on the website, as we have had to cancel several previous working bees because of the weather.

Winter is generally a time of dormancy as far as growth goes, although there are still plenty of jobs to do, such as mulching over all the beds, harvesting ripened seeds, and taking care of the worms in the worm-farm.

There were four volunteers on this day, 3rd July, and as the cow-pea pods were well-dried-out between frequent rain, we decided to harvest them today.

It was very enjoyable sitting in the sun and processing the seeds; we gleaned a ½ bucket-full, which we partially winnowed in the old-fashioned way, by using the light breeze to blow away the husks and other debris as we slowly let the seeds dribble from our hands at some distance above the bucket.

That is how all winnowing was done before there were machines and gadgets to do the job.

The bulk of these seeds will be sold in order to get some income for the small, day-to-day expenses

We gave the worms a good feed with some broccoli and cauliflower leaves from harvested plants which came from the garden of one of the volunteers.

The worms are somewhat sluggish now with the cold weather, and most have even gone into a type of stasis – they appear totally lifeless, but come the warmer weather they will become active again. When they do, they will be very hungry indeed!

And after a very pleasant morning, we were also hungry, so three of us went to a local café and had a delicious lunch.

I am looking forward with happy anticipation to our next working bee on the 17th of July; weather permitting.