17 May 16 UCG Thank You + Event this Sunday the 22nd of May from 10am

Hey Everyone,
Id like to say a big Thank You from the Uralla Community Garden to the organisations and individuals who donated money towards our insurance costs for the year. We actually received more donations then the entire cost of the insurance (which was the highest we could get). So now we have some more money left over that we will probably look at spending some on building a nice shelter for the compost worm farm. So thanks again we really appreciate the generosity and support that we continually receive.

So this Sunday the 22nd of May from 10am you will find the crew at the community garden going around and get ready for winter. Last week we decided to bite the bullet and deal with the cause of the grass growing in from the edges and pulled up some of the log edging and dug them in deeper. One thing that we found was that the heavy mulching was doing such a great job on the soil below it that the grass is now more capable and the conditions have been made better for it to be able to grow deeper down under the log edging. Just amazing how much it can travel underground to get to where it wants to be. Surprised me and Darren to no end.
So if you would like to come along and join in the fun then please bring water, gloves, work shoes, a hat and any other protective equipment you may need. Also any tools (especially wheelbarrows) you think would help with your activities in the garden.

Kind Regards,
David Ryan
Uralla Community Garden Committee President