17 May 16 UCG Thank You + Event this Sunday the 22nd of May from 10am

Hey Everyone,
Id like to say a big Thank You from the Uralla Community Garden to the organisations and individuals who donated money towards our insurance costs for the year. We actually received more donations then the entire cost of the insurance (which was the highest we could get). So now we have some more money left over that we will probably look at spending some on building a nice shelter for the compost worm farm. So thanks again we really appreciate the generosity and support that we continually receive. Continue reading “17 May 16 UCG Thank You + Event this Sunday the 22nd of May from 10am”

4 May 16 Funding for Insurance

Hey Everyone,

Im writing to let you guys know and to also ask if anyone would like to help. The time has come around again to renew our insurance for the Uralla Community Garden, unfortunately this year we don’t quite have enough to cover the cost of insurance. Our usual premium is $480 per year which is the highest level of cover we could get with this type of package. I have gotten in contact with out insurance providers and asked about the cheaper options within this deal. This is our options: Continue reading “4 May 16 Funding for Insurance”

4 May 16 UCG Event this Sunday 8th of May from 10am

Hey Everyone,

We will be running our usual fortnightly event this coming Sunday from 10am. Im glad to say that I’m in much better shape and will defiantly be there! We will be probably focusing on seed collection if the pods are dry enough and the usual general upkeep of the garden. So if you want to come please bring water, gloves, work shoes, a hat and any other protective equipment you may need. Also any tools (especially wheelbarrows) you think would help with your activities in the garden. 

Kind Regards,

David Ryan

Uralla Community Garden Committee President