A Solo Day – working bee 24/4/2016

It was a cold day yesterday, with a chilly southerly blowing across the garden. So it was no surprise to me that no-one turned up, and I was the only person at the garden for the working bee yesterday.

David was recovering from an illness, and Darren was busy with other important things, so there was just me – and a magpie and little mrs.fairy wren who both sang some lovely songs for me.

I quite enjoyed the solitude; of course it is always good to have a group of people, both for the fact that the company is always enjoyable, and a few more jobs get done. But it was also nice, just for a bit of difference, to be there by myself. And there wasn’t much that needed doing urgently.

The two jobs I did actually worked together quite nicely.

The pumpkins keep throwing their runners across the path between the garden-edge and the swimming-pool fence; where peole walk to cut through to Wood Street, so they needed to be trimmed.

And the worm-farm needed some more food on it for the worms and is also in need of some extra protection at this time, as it is now without any shade since the trees in the yard next to the garden have been removed; we will probably be putting a shade over it soon.

But in the meantime, I gave them another bucket-full of cucumbers, sliced up; and also cut the waste from trimming the pumpkins into short lengths and put those on top of the cucumbers. There were about 8 bucket-fulls of that, so the worms now have a nice thick layer of vegetable matter to protect them and keep them from drying out.

All this took me about one and a half hours which was long enough to be out in the wind – although the wind did settle a bit and the sun came out for short periods.

It was a quiet but nonetheless enjoyable day.