A visit from ABC Open

Tim Leha, a reporter from the ABC Open television program, visited the garden at our last Working Bee.

His initial interest was in the compressed earth brick-making machine that is now completed and working, but he came to realise that there is more than that to our story.

So last Sunday he did some video and some photos of the volunteers dong their thing at the garden.

He will do a story soon on the brick-making machine, and then put together a story that will either be aired on the program, or be put up onto YouTube. Watch this website for further developments.

The jobs we did this Sunday were picking and thrashing the old radish plants to get the seeds out for saving, for future plantings.

These radishes are a heritage variety called pink beauty, and they grow like a tuber rather than the little round ones that one can buy in the supermarket.

They grow quite large, roughly the size of a lemon, and are very juicy and flavoursome.

We noticed that in a recent planting of broadbeans, one of the rows was doing particularly well; far better than the rest of them.

We recalled that at the time of planting the beans, this particular row was planted by one of the volunteers with the help of the 14-month-old daughter of two other volunteers.
(see earlier story: “a community space for young and old“)

We wondered whether the fact that this row is doing so well, could be because of the involvement of a young and innocent child, the theory being that plants respond to the love with which they are planted, and a young child would naturally be full of love and wonder.

Despite having harvested well over a hundred of the cucumbers and distributing within the community, there are still well over a hundred more on the ground.

They are no longer edible as they have been there for so long that the flavour is now too strong and they are not nice to eat.

We will be using them to feed the worms in our worm-farm, and maybe use some to save some more seeds.

Everyone went home happy and contented after a day of fun, sharing and giving to the garden.