About little creatures and one little plant’s determination to live

About little creatures and one little plant’s determination to live.

Yesterday’s Working Bee was another day of weeding, harvesting and watering the garden. As it has been so hot, we have had to do much more watering than we usually do.

In the course of doing those tasks, we came across a variety of creatures and their homes in the garden.

One volunteer found a cocoon attached to one of the plants in the fertility bed. It had a pale greeny-white colour and with the sun on it,it has an irredescent sheen. We suspect it is a wasp or a spider’s egg cocoon. If anyone can identify it, we would love to know.

Another volunteer spotted a little brown frog laying in wait at the entrance to a spider’s tunnel, the spider was just visible inside the tunnel, and we could see that it had one leg protectively over its egg-sac. We suspect the little frog was waiting for an opportunity to get a bit of breakfast. He is a bit hard to see in the picture above; he is roughly in the middle of the pic and indicated by a circle.

A beautifully-marked grasshopper was also found; and once it had been coaxed onto Dave’s hand, it refused to leave him, even when he tried to place it onto a small stick, it immediately hopped back onto his hand. It stayed on him for the rest of the day, exploring its way over his shirtand neck. It was still there hours later.

I also discovered a little melalueca bush that was originally planted around a year ago, which I thought had died. But there it was, hiding amongst some cow-pea plants. Still only less than 20cm tall; while all the other bushes planted around that time are ove 1/2 metre tall and bushing out really well. But this one little tiny plant has just a few little shoots coming from a small main trunk about the size of a match. This little plant is very determined to live!

After we had packed up, we took some produce to the local Nursing Home, and also put some aside to take to the local Food Bank on Monday.