Hello Friends/Volunteers of the Uralla Community Garden.

Thank you for your attention to this important email, which is about Financial Membership of the Uralla Community Gardens.
Financial Membership allows you to play an important role in this organisation, and financial members are essential to its long-term continuation.

The Community Garden was officially opened around two years ago, and it is now getting to the time where, under the legal rules of an Incorporated Association – which the UCG is – we need to plan to hold our first Annual General Meeting.

By the rules, this AGM should be held around the time that the association reaches the 18 month mark, but can be later.

In order to hold an AGM, we need to have financial members.

These members are invited to attend the AGM, and will, at that meeting, be presented with the financial statement and position of the UCG.

Non-financial members are also welcome to attend the AGM, but will not be able to vote on any motions/decisions to be made at that meeting.

Primarily, the main purpose of the AGM is to either elect a new committee, or, if there are no nominations for the positions of office bearers, to resolve that the present committee should continue.

At this time, the committee consists of:
President (David Ryan)
Vice-President (Darren McDonnell)
Treasurer (Sorcha Wilkes) and
Secretary (Joanne Renfrey).

This committee was elected in April 2015 at a general meeting at which the four abovementioned people were present.
Minutes of that meeting are available on request.

At that meeting, two of the office-bearers of this committee (Treasurer, Sorcha; and Secretary, Joanne) replaced two previous Office-bearers, being Laura Tolli And Fabio Tolli, who wished to pursue other interests.

We are grateful to Fabio and Laura for their time and efforts on behalf of the UCG, they were both valuable contributors to the inception of the UCG.

It would also be great if we were able to get a few more non-office-bearing members onto the committee, so that there can be a wider sharing of ideas, and also that a meeting can still be held when some of the office-bearers are not able to be present, as a quorum of 4 people is needed for a meeting to be held legally.

All Committee members -whether office-bearers or non-office bearers – need to be financial members of the UCG. General membership is of course always welcome at general meetings. At present these are not a regular occurrence, as informal meetings are held at working bees to determine the activities for future working bees.

If you want more detailed information on the legal requirements and obligations of an Incorporated Association, please cut and paste (or type) the following link into your browser:

So this email is about asking you whether you would consider becoming a financial member of the Uralla Community Garden.

At the meeting in April 2015, the committee unanimously agreed that membership should not be at a set amount, but would be by donation, determined by the individual.

Membership fees will be used to finance the day-to-day running of the gardens; for things such as watering and garden maintenance equipment, and public liability insurance.

We have previously been successful in attracting a couple of Grants, but we are obliged to use those funds only for the specific purposes for which they were granted, and they cannot be used for any other purpose.

Membership fees are due annually, and timely reminders will be sent out every year to members to remind them that their annual membership fee is due.

As mentioned before, this amount is determined by yourself and can vary from year to year.

A membership form is attached to this email, and we are also working on making the membership form available on our website; (you will need to cut and paste this link into your browser)
At the time of this email, the membership form is not yet available on the website. (It is now available from this link: UCG Membership Form.pdf)

You can email your completed membership form to us at info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

We will respond to your email within 3-5 days, and let you know our bank account details so that you can transfer your annual membership donation to that account. Alternatively you can drop off the completed membership form, with your donation, to ‘Thunder Graphics’, 51 Bridge Street, Uralla, during business hours. You can also give it to any of the four committee members at one of our fortnightly working bees at the Community Garden site.

All members, whether financial or non-financial, will be notified of the date on which the AGM is to be held, as soon as this date is determined.
There will be an opportunity to become a financial member before the official commencement of that meeting, and membership forms will be available at that time.

By the rules of the holding of AGM’s, we will also call for nominations for Office Bearers, but nominees will need to be financial members of the UCG, and ideally have attended at least one general meeting.

Thanking you for your attention,

Yours Sincerely,
Joanne Renfrey,
Uralla Community Garden Committee Secretary

Uralla Community Garden Inc Constitution

UCG Objectives

UCG Membership Form