Working Bee 14 Feb 2016

Two more fruit trees were planted at our last working bee;two citrus trees that have spent a couple of years in pots and were very ready to be planted in the ground.
Having already survived a couple of frosts, they should do quite well.

We also did some regular maintenace such as brushcutting and weeding, and still had plenty of time to chat and learn about the different elements of the garden.

Some more broad beans were planted in the ‘new’ bed, the ones that were planted last fortnight are already emerging. There was another very abundant harvest of zucchinis and cucumbers, as well as a few eggplants and capsicums. The six volunteers that were there on the day all got to take some of the produce home, and the rest was donated to the Uralla Food Bank.

Once the first frost has happened, we will be harvesting some sweet pumpkins, as pumpkins get their sweetness from frost.