A community space for young and old

A Community Space for Young and Old

This fortnight’s gathering on the 31st of January 2016, at the community gardens was a nice example about how the Gardens are a great opportunity for community-oriented participation. A resident from McMaugh gardens later in the day, asked me where the Enjoying their time at the garden today was our oldest volunteer, and our youngest volunteer at the same time.

Nell cutting up some ‘overblown’zucchinis to feed the worms in our worm-farm.

our youngest volunteer planting some broadbeans with some guidance from a friend.

We spead out some more of the mulch, and covered some of the long edge of the native shrubs side; but the mood of the morning was such that everyone also spent some time here and there just chatting about the garden with others.

…but nevertheless the mulch pile did get a bit smaller and the swimming-pool edge of the beds got some way along with the mulching of the edges.

Some pumpkin plants thriving on the ‘new bed’

We all spent some time harvesting the different produce; an overwhelming abundance of apple cucumbers (a heritage seed variety) and green cucumbers, plenty of yellow crookneck zucchinis, beetroot (a heritage variety),also corn, broadbeans and the odd green zucchini, and some tomatoes. All volunteers took home some of the harvest, and the rest was divided up and given to local community institutions, being McMaugh Gardens and the Uralla Neighborhood Foodbank.

A good end to the day!!