3 Jun 15 – Working Bee 7/6/2015

Hello everybody,

This Sunday we have booked a rotary tiller to start preparing a large new section of garden. We have organized some more mulch to be delivered after the soil has been prepared in the weeks following.

There is also some maintenance to take care of.

We may harvest some kale to sell to a local market as well, also we need to discuss what we are going to do with the seeds we collected, packaging ect.

We are in discussions with council at the moment about the construction of the pond and shed.

The pond needs some specific fencing which we are discussing and maybe we will use earth bricks to build the wall/fence, this will be more aesthetically pleasing with the added benefit of the potential for some micro climates.

Progress for the shed is mainly waiting on the brick machine, the bricks need to be tested for strength and get the tick of approval. Then we can get more involved in the design of the shed.

Lastly if anybody would like to support the Uralla Community Garden Projects financially we are always open to donations.
You can donate via paypal HERE or you can pop some moolah into the donation box at the Little Ladybird Nursery in Uralla.
We don’t charge membership fees or the like and rely only on donations from the public or funds raised through community activities. We recently had insurance to pay which needed most of our savings to cover it. 1

Thank you

Kind Regards
U.C.G. committee