8 Apr 15 – Working Bee 12/4/2015

Hello everyone,
This Sundays working bee we have a couple of exciting things in-store,
Firstly, there is quite a-lot of mature seeds in the garden that we want to collect and save. We intend to create what is called a good bug mix or shot-gun seed mix. We will create packets of seed to supply other gardeners.
I (Darren) have been saving seeds professionally for the past five years , so if you have any questions on how to save your favorite varieties year in and year out this will be a great opportunity to do so.

We also intend to collect some rocks from a local farmers property just out of Uralla. We will use the rocks for the overflow of the swale to stop erosion. Whilst we are there we can take a look at a wonderful terraced vegetable garden and orchid under construction that Dave, Fabio and myself have been working on with the property owner. We have basically replicated what we have done at the community garden site, with a heavy mulch layer and “fertility trenches/swales” on contour. This site however is on much more of a slope, so it is being terraced with dry rock walls.

We will also be taking care of some Kikuyu grass sneaking is some places, this should take just a few minutes.

All we will need this week is your water, sun protection, gloves, gardening fork and possibly a bag for seeds if you wish to take some home.

The working bees from now on will be starting at 10am, and as usual at Wood street Uralla.

We would also like to announce that the Uralla Community Gardens application for a grant with The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW has been successful, we therefor will received $20,000 for future developments of the site. With a large portion allocated towards the purchase of a compressed earth brick machine.

Well done Dave for taking the time to apply and create the video.

Media release

Davids Grant application video

Warm Regards,
Uralla Community Garden Committee