1 Jan 15 – Info regarding U.C.G. Working Bee 4/1/2015

Hello Everyone,
The UCG’s first working bee for 2015, wow 2015 already.

I feel it’s going to be a really exciting year with some very exciting projects planed, including garden extensions, pond and water habitat, earthen shed, green house and i’m sure heaps of cool experiments.

We haven’t much planed this Sunday but we really need to move the unsightly pile of mulch on the nature strip, level some of the other piles and a little bit of weeding. We need to attend to the worm and possibly add some to the main growing area. It would also be great to take a look at and talk about the plants growing on the site. There is a lot of green leafy veg ready to eat too, so if you would like to take home with you a super healthy mesclun mix bring yourself a bag or container.

Most other members of the committee are away on holidays ATM, so I (Darren McDonnell) will be conducting the working bee this weekend.

If you are able we will need:
Garden forks
Nail rakes

Don’t forget safety:
Thick sole shoes
Sun protection

We have a number of new people on our email list and and facebook page, so I just want to take this opportunity to welcome you all and to let people know that the UCG project is unlike most other Community Gardens. Most people in and around Uralla have plenty of space for their own gardens. We do feel though we have a lot to share, give and learn. We have came up with a blurb that we feel explains very well what we intend the site to be.

About the UCG site.

” The project site is being set up as a learning centre and community hub – to experiment and demonstrate alternative gardening/farming methods that can be assimilated in many other situations. The focus will be on creating holistic eco-systems with an emphasis on giving rather than taking”

Kind Regards,
Uralla Community Garden Committee