14 Jan 15 – Working bee Sunday 18/1/15 (Kentucky Tree Nursery)

Hi Everyone,
This Sunday we have organized a tour with Chris at the Kentucky Tree Nursery. http://www.kentuckytreenursery.com/

The Kentucky tree nursery has offered to donate a range of natives for the UCG project.

This Autumn we hope to have the top corner of the UCG site fully plated out as part of the wind break, micro climate and native fauna habitat. We will also be wanting to target species that are fast growing, nitrogen fixing and can handle hard pruning for onsite grown mulch. These types of species are refereed to as the pioneers. They are usually short lived and will only be part of the eco-system from short to mid term, basically paving the way for the >more “exotic” long term species.

In addition we also want to target species that will provide shelter for the smaller birds and winter flowering plants to support the nectar eaters (bees and birds) through the harder months.

We will meet at the Garden at 9am and as a group and then drive to Kentucky. I would expect the be back between 12pm-1pm.

Kind Regards,
Uralla Community Garden Committee