14 Jan 15 – Fruit Trees

Hello everyone,
This Autumn we hope to plant out as many fruit trees on and around the existing swale as possible, in side the proposed windbreak area. We have at the moment just one apple tree, we would hope to plant as many varieties of stone fruit, pone fruits and berries as possible.

Julie at the Little Ladybird Nursery has agreed to sell the Community Garden any plants needed at cost price.

We have limited funds at the moment so if you would like to support this project financially or any other future projects you can make a donation through Paypal by clicking HERE or direct deposit, Community Mutual BSB: 932000 Acc. #: 735678 Acc. Name: Uralla Community Garden.

Without the support of the community, financially, physically or emotionally, the garden project would not exist. We feel we are on a roll ATM, and we hope to keep it rolling, but to do so, we will need your support.

Kind Regards,
Uralla Community Garden Committee