25 Sep 14 – Fortnightly UCG Event is here again !

As most of you are aware now we are coming up to our fortnightly event at the UCG. This week will be similar to the ones past as we are looking to do some more mulching and log borders. As usual it will be from 10am on Sunday the 28th of Sep. Please bring wheelbarrows, shovels, forks and any necessary PPE equipment. After this working bee we are looking at alternating each event from a working bee to a garden tour or workshop or presentation etc. Spice it up a little 😀

We would like to say a big thankyou for all the effort and support we have received thus far. The site has really started to take shape and there is already quite a markable difference in the soil water content and fertility. Without a community effort we wouldn’t be where we are so far!

We will be looking at seeding the vegetable beds early Nov and habitat/ native seedlings in Autumn. Im pretty excited!

Kind Regards,
Uralla Community Garden Committee