Welcome to the Uralla Garden Project website!

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Mission Statement

Our mission is that the garden project will be a learning and resource center for the greater community, with a focus on regenerating and working with our eco-systems.

Current and ongoing projects

  • Collecting data for the creation of an adoptable holistic approach to market gardening.
  • Demonstrating and documenting the benefits of using biology rather than chemistry in all circumstances of horticulture.
  • Water harvesting strategies to eliminate the need for irrigation and draught-proofing.
  • Carbon sequestration.
  • A strong focus on seed saving for community resilience. Community seed bank.
  • Cool climate food production for local outlets.
  • Implementing and experimenting with learned methods of Permaculture.
  • Earthen building technology development.


Want to be involved in the project?

Potential activities as a volunteer.

  • Videography for the purpose of creating a documentary or vlogging.
  • Video editing for the purpose of creating a documentary or vlog.
  • Infield scientific data collection.
  • Organization of data collected into an open-source digital format.
  • Organizing and running a community seed bank.
  • Hands-on gardening activities.

Please contact Darren McDonnell (UGP assistant manager) for more details.

info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)lifeforceseeds.com.au

0478 793 246